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Register For The Course

Register For The Course

It’s very easy. Just select the state-approved online defensive driving course you need, and follow our super simple sign-up process.

Complete The Course Online

Complete The Course Online

Take your online traffic safety course with any Internet-connected device—your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can log on and off anywhere, anytime, night or day. You’ll pick up right where you left off on your driver’s course each time you return.

Certificate Delivery

Receive Your Certificate

Once you finish your online defensive driving course, we will ship your completion certificate to you anyway you want it. We’re easy. (Fast and simple, too.)

Defensive Driving Now is the only licensed online defensive driving course and traffic safety school you need to get top-notch certified driving instruction anywhere, anytime, any way you like it. We’re not just experts on safe driving courses, we know how to save you time, money and the aggravation of sitting in a boring classroom. You can count on us to meet all government requirements for dismissing traffic tickets, deducting points from your driving record and lowering your insurance rates, all from our easy online traffic school courses. 

We’re all about keeping it simple with the fastest, easiest online access. You can work through your traffic safety and defensive driving classes while on any Internet-connected device such as your smartphone, tablet or computer. Just log on when it’s most convenient for you, and log off any time you wish. When you return, you’ll go right back where you left off.

Our defensive driving online driving safety courses are a fun, easy, low-cost traffic school option, and most of all, they are convenient. Time goes by so quickly with our entertaining videos and engaging, informative online presentations.
We take special care to ensure our curriculum is up to date with the most current content and insurance standards, so you can be sure to get all the discounts and driving record credits you have coming to you. At Defensive Driving Now, you’ll be sure to learn the skills, tips and techniques that make you a safer driver - and a smarter, happier one, too.


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