Order Your DMV Driving Record Online

Order Your DMV Driving Record Online

  • A certified copy of your DPS driving record
  • By-pass the DPS office
  • Fast, convenient delivery options
  • See history of tickets, violations and accidents
  • Check for accuracy, correct any errors
  • Verify credit for defensive driving courses
  • See what insurance companies and employers see

Order your driving record online and verify driver tickets, DPS records and motor vehicle accident reporting with Defensive Driving Now.  Our online driving records show any accidents or traffics ticket you have, in most cases going back several years. Our online DPS driving reports also show how many points are on your license, and any credit you’ve received for defensive driving or traffic safety classes in the past (like the defensive driving classes that we offer).

 Insurance companies use your record to determine your premium. Employers refer to it if they’re considering you for a job that requires driving a company car. Courts sometimes require you to provide your driving record when completing a defensive driving course to dismiss a ticket or deduct points from your license. This is the quick, affordable way to get it in their hands right away.

 Don’t waste time and aggravation waiting in line at the DPS office. Order your official driving record online through Defensive Driving Now, and get it delivered by email, FedEx or U.S. Mail. We make it simple, safe, fast and easy—just the way you like it.


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