Winter Driving in Texas

SUV Driving in Txas Snow
Dec 4, 2013

With one arctic blast past us and another on the way, drivers need to realize the increases possibility of road hazards and dangers. Seems like most Texas “forget” how to drive when faced with ice, snow or any winter like weather condition. Here are a few precautions you can take to prepare yourself and your vehicle for winter driving.

Prior to Driving

  1. Have you vehicle checked by a professional and licensed mechanic. You want all your engine fluids topped off and to make sure your engine is in top running condition so you don’t break down in the cold.
  2. Equip your vehicle with necessary winter equipment. Things you might need are snow chains, snow tires, blankets in case of a breakdown, extra cell phone battery, and a window scrapper for ice build-up

While Driving

  1. Reduce your speed. Posted speed limits are for ideal driving conditions. Ice and snow are far from ideal so slow down, be patient, and stay alert.
  2. Get familiar with the current road conditions. Start off slowly so you familiarize yourself with the traction or your tires. Know when your tires are spinning and you are losing traction.
  3. Keep off bridges, overpasses and shady areas when black ice may have formed. Black ice is extremely dangerous and deadly.
  4. Maintain safe distances between you and all other vehicles on the road. You get more in-depth information on safe following and safe cushion distances with a refresher defensive driving course online.
  5. If you begin to feel overwhelmed or anxious, signal and pull off the road. Try to pull into a rest stop, gas station or restaurant where you can stretch your legs and get some fresh air. Driving while anxious and in panic mode is not safe.

When conditions are icy, best idea is to completely stay off the road. Always check your local news station, radio station, or TXDOT website to minute-by minute- road conditions.

Completing a driver safety course online with Defensive Driving Now will provide more detailed information and useful safe driving techniques so that when this winter weather hits in a few days you are prepared.

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Never thought defensive driving could be so simple and entertaining. Great course!

Jesse S. Austin, TX


Even after 30 years of driving, I learned something!

Catherine L.

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