How to take an online course and have a life, too?

Defensive Driving While Having a Life
May 10, 2013

Here are the 5 best ways that seasoned Defensive Driving students have told us they take the course:

"Bob" works in an office and likes to take the course 45 minutes at a time during lunch at work He eats lunch during the films and never has to wait through a class break. He starts on Monday and he chooses one other 45 minute class session sometime that suits him sometime during the week and it's all over before the weekend!

"Christina" has a family. She likes to take the course for 45 minutes at a time and does her housework/bill paying/kid errands on the breaks. She takes half one weekday and half the next and keeps their lives in order at the same time!

"Cullen" is a student. He likes to log on to the course after watching the Simpsons and do 45 minutes of class, then email or surf or do downloads for the break, then another 45 minutes of class. He's done in three nights and "ready to party again." His days and evenings stay open.

"Sean" waits until the last minute every time! He logs on after work, takes half of the course all at once using the breaks for dinner, email, getting ready for bed. Then he gets back on in the AM and does the second half of the course before going to work, using the breaks to get himself dressed and ready. He gets his completion in before 9AM, has his certificate overnighted and he's done! At least until next year.

"Amanda" likes things to be flexible. She likes to change her mind! Amanda hates to be told what to do and when to do it. She'll give up a couple of evenings or a Saturday but she logs on when she feels like it. She goes as fast as she needs to and as slowly as she likes.

Which way would be best for you?

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